Gallatin Community Information

Bledsoe Creek State Park consists of 164 acres of land located along the Bledsoe Creek embayment of the US Corps of Engineers Old Hickory Reservoir adjacent to the old 1780's settlement of Cairo in Sumner County. This state park offers lake fishing on Old Hickory Lake with good prospects of catching bass, bluegill, catfish and crappie. The park is equipped with 2 boat launches and approximately 100 tent camping sites with tables and grills. Other recreational activities include hiking, with over six miles of trails, waterskiing and boating. Several sports facilities are also available throughout the state park.

The Sumner County Museum was established in 1979 and covers over three floors with a grand size of 10,000 square feet containing over 250,000 artifacts related to the history and identity of Sumner County. Exhibits throughout the museum include photographs and historical documents telling the story of places, pasts and depicting images of early life and times in Sumner County. Among the many displays, visitors will find Gallatin's first traffic light, a connection to JFK's famous PT 109, Gallatin's contribution to the world of music as well as other items that were vital to the functions of everyday life.